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NSW Department of Education

We have been working with the NSW Department of Early Childhood Education for many years and across numerous projects, two of these being the development and roll out an important new initiative for the Early Childhood Education Workforce Strategy and the Childrens' Care and Quality Ratings project.

The Workforce strategy was developed to help promote the role of early childhood educators and teachers as a critical part of a child’s educational journey and to also highlight early childhood education as an attractive and meaningful career. 

The project involved brochures, documents, icon development, along with everything supplied in PDF and tagged for accessibility.


For the Children's Education and Care Quality Ratings project, we were tasked to develop a revised design to the current ratings system.

The aim was to disrupt the current public perception of the National Quality Framework (‘NQF’) through the introduction of a new consumer-friendly quality rating system. A new set of ratings was imperative as Department and leading sector research revealed the significantly low awareness of the NQF among parents.

The current graphic was difficult to understand so we were engaged to create a new graphic that was consumer-friendly that directly resonates with services and families.

A very fast paced and time sensitive project with numerous stakeholders and lots of moving parts. The project involved the development of a new star graphic for all 5 ratings, plus flyers, posters, 3 animated videos, social media posts, calendars, magnets and stickers for the launch plus the print and distribution of collateral to all the services in NSW.  



Art Direction and Strategy

Creative Development

Icon Design

Animated Videos

Brochures and Documents

Image Sourcing

Tagged PDFs for Accessibility

Print Management and Distribution

WCAG 2.0 Compliant Designs

All tagged for Accessibility


NSW Department of Education Design Project by think creative agency
NSW Department of Education Workforce Strategy3
NSW Department of Education design by think creative agency
NSW Department of Education design by think creative agency
NSW Department of Education design by think creative agency
NSW Department of Education Workforce Strategy2
NSW Department of Education Workforce Strategy


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