An SEO agency in Sydney
that grows your business.

We are an SEO agency in Sydney that grows your business.

From Site Audits to On Page and Off page SEO we can improve your keyword rankings to drive targeted organic free traffic to your website and to build leads and increase sales.

Our SEO Services

SEO Agency in Sydney

Think Creative are a Sydney based SEO agency with a team of talented content writers, strategists and SEO experts here with one objective, to grow your brand. 

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is a combination of activities that optimise your website so that you receive organic traffic from search engines. Such optimisations improve your website rankings and increase the likelihood of traffic from search.

Speak to a business about their digital strategy and a common question that arises is


"I’ve got this great business with a sensational fresh website but it’s not getting traffic to it. How do I become on the first page or number one in Google?"


The perfect question - for this is the highly sought-after digital grail –  a first page or number one ranking in google provides your business with the opportunity of free organic traffic driving interested prospects to your website with a high intent to buy.

Undertaking effective SEO for your business is how you start down the path to the digital grail. As a highly-regarded SEO company in Sydney, we can help you on your journey with a results-driven personalised SEO approach for your business.


What are SEO activities?

SEO is primarily made up of On-Page and Off-Page activities.


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to all the optimisations that happen directly on your website, they can be technical or content-related. Examples include optimising landing pages for keywords, developing and implementing an SEO content strategy, updating a site with mobile-friendly fixes or improving the speed of a website.


Off-Page SEO

This characterises all activities that drive traffic to the website that occurs off your site. Chiefly this constitutes improving your domain authority through backlinking and building associations with well-regarded websites.


What should I do if I want to improve my SEO?

At Think Creative Agency we offer an individual approach to SEO. The first thing we do is to undertake a website audit so we can ascertain where your website and business currently sits. This becomes the benchmark and from which we can easily see and understand improvements and developments moving forward. We discuss your overall business goals and areas that you would like to focus on. Plus undertake a competitor analysis. From there we would propose a plan of action.


Below is a sample SEO plan

Website Audit and Competitor Analysis

Website management:

  • Broken link check and repair
  • In-depth site analysis
  • Content Duplication Check and repair
  • Toxic backlink removals
  • Ranking report

Keyword Research Plan

  • 50 keywords/phrases targeted
  • Website optimised for keywords

On-page optimisation:

  • SEO Content Strategy
  • New page creation as required
  • Internal link structuring and optimisation
  • Web page load optimisation
  • H1-H6 Tag optimisation
  • Updates on main SEO landing pages as required

Off-page Optimisation and Link Building:

  • Directory submissions
  • Business Listing submissions
  • Suggestions for relevant backlinking and creating backlinks
  • Propose strategies and partnerships for Link building and building domain authority

SEO Content Creation:

  • As part of keyword SEO content strategy, write and optimise articles each month
  • Optimise existing pages with new relevant content
  • Blogs written and optimised per month

Local Search Website Optimisation:

  • Google My Business posting
  • Updating local listing pages
  • GEO tagging

Monthly Reporting:

  • Monthly traffic reports
  • SEO reports
  • Monthly keyword ranking reports
  • Monthly progress reports



How long does it take for activities to start impacting rankings?

Generally, the efforts of SEO start to show dividends after around 3 – 4 months and if activity is maintained the momentum continues to improve month by month.

What about Voice Search?

With voice becoming increasingly popular as a form of search, we can employ tactics to help ensure when a question is asked, your business has the answer.

How Think Creative will work with you on your SEO

Return on Investment

Understand your business and your SEO needs

We take time to fully understand your business and its requirements from an SEO perspective

Plan of action

Straightforward and direct approach

We provide a clear open plan of action and don't hide behind SEO terminology that sounds a lot but means a little

Goals and Reporting

Measurable goals with transparent reporting

Our approach to SEO offers success. We set benchmarks and goals so we can measure this success

Understand your business

Maximise your Return on Investment (ROI)

SEO is not instant but smart thinking and hard work can show early dividends on your SEO work and highlight the effectiveness of your ROI


Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

From Site Audits to On Page and Off page SEO we can improve your keyword rankings to drive targeted organic free traffic to your website to build leads and increase sales.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Having high performing content on your site not only enhances brand reputation but brand awareness, traffic and authority. We create quality blogs, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, infographics & more.


Social Media Ads

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram whatever your social media platform we create content calendars and social campaigns with compelling content that fosters engagement and evokes action.


SEO and Paid Adverrtising

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Spend your budget wisely with focused targeted paid advertising to reach the right customers at the right time through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and YouTube Ads.


Want to learn more about SEO?

Google Ads, Display and Remarketing

Marketing Automation

Whether considering lead nurturing, drip feeds or re-engagement campaigns, we can build marketing automated customer journeys to coerce and inspire leads to take the next steps.


Email and Marketing Automation

Email Marketing

Engage your prospective customers and loyal brand advocates with personalised email marketing. Enhance your brand and improve your sales with effective email strategies.


Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Interested in an overall digital marketing strategy for your organisation? We develop digital strategies to align with your short term and long-term business goals, manage budgets and provide a noteworthy ROI.


Analytics and Analysis Think Creative Agency


Highlight campaign successes, track leads, calls, live chats and understand detailed customer journeys. Have your reporting in one place, in an easy to read digital reporting dashboard.


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