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The Property Council Academy are the educational sector of the Property Council of Australia, they design and offer expert professional development courses nationwide across all aspects of Australia’s biggest industry – property.

A longstanding client of Think Creative, the Property Council Academy have utilised our creative design and print management services for over 5 years. In 2018 to adjust to technological developments and market forces, they decided to modify their strategy to take a primarily digital approach to their marketing and advertising.

Using our eye for design and our digital expertise, we have continued to partner with the Academy during their transition and now provide them with the digital marketing they require to meet their business goals. We use our creative talent to develop inspiring digital campaigns across email marketing and social media. From concept and campaign taglines, to design and development of dozens of monthly emails and social media posts, digital flyers and advertisements, we create digital campaigns that drive new leads to the Academy. Leads that we nurture to become Academy customers and ardent brand advocates.

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